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ConsiglioLawConsiglio Law was founded in January 2015 by Pieter-Jan Termote who is admitted as a lawyer at the Bar of Leuven (Belgium).

Pieter-Jan started his career in October 2004 as a lawyer at the Bar of Brussels by joining the Corporate Department of the international lawfirm Simmons & Simmons. After one year Pieter-Jan joined the Belgian lawfirm Van Olmen & Wynant where he completed his traineeship and worked during three years in the Commercial & Litigation Department. Pieter-Jan then seized the opportunity to pursue his career and join the Commercial Litigation Department of Lydian Lawyers in Brussels. Also here Pieter-Jan contributed to the expansion of the department and moved to the then recently opened new offices of Lydian Lawyers in Antwerp. At that moment the Commercial Litigation Department of Lydian Lawyers was ranked as a Tier 1 firm by Legal 500.

In 2011 Pieter-Jan switched to corporate life and started working as Legal Counsel Western Europe at the German multinational group Knauf Insulation. In this function Pieter-Jan was in charge as solo legal counsel of legal affairs in Belgium, the Netherlands, France, Spain and Italy. He was furthermore in charge of the coordination of the worldwide trademark portfolio of the group. During these three years Pieter-Jan was part of the management team of Western Europe and was an active member of the Company Lawyers Institute.

After 10 years of career as a lawyer and in-house counsel Pieter-Jan created the law firm Consiglio Law in 2015. The lawfirm was originally situated in Overijse (district Brussels) and moved in 2018 to Sint-Pieters-Rode (district Leuven).

Pieter-Jan has accumulated vast experience in various legal fields and treated a large number of cases with success. The focus of his practice is on business law and liability law. In these legal matters he treats all aspects of litigation and procedures, advises clients and drafts different types of contracts and general conditions.

Pieter-Jan works fluently in Dutch, French and English. He also speaks Spanish and he has basic understanding of German and Italian.

Pieter-Jan obtained his Law Degree (Master) at the Katholieke Universiteit Leuven in 2003. He also obtained his Erasmus Degree at the Universidad de Granada and became Master of Laws (LL.M.) at King's College London in 2004.

More details about his education, experience and skills can be found in his attached curriculum vitae.
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Client Services

Consiglio Law focusses on various aspects of business law and civil liability law, amongst others:

Commercial Contracts


Commercial Litigation


Debt Recovery




Corporate Law and Corporate Housekeeping


Liability and Insurance


Real Estate and Leases


Structuring and Organization of Legal Departements


The lawfirm has a network of contacts with lawyers in Belgium for other legal matters and in the Netherlands, Luxemburg, France, Spain, Italy and Germany for international affairs.




Fees & Terms

Consiglio Law applies different methods for the calculation of the fees and charges.
Please contact us for a specific fee proposal.

The general terms of Consiglio Law can be consulted by downloading our pdf file.
The privacy statement of Consiglio Law can be consulted here (pdf).

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Consiglio Law is ready to consider different types of cooperation with colleagues. Unless expressly agreed otherwise the general terms and standard rates of Consiglio Law are applicable.


Are you unable to plead a case and you need to be replaced? We are ready to consider replacing you, subject to the timely receipt of a complete file and all necessary information.


Are you unable to represent a client due to a conflict of interest or any other obstacle? Depending on the matter we are ready to take on referrals. Or vice versa: for specific matters it may happen that we refer cases to colleagues who have a special expertise.

Freelance Assignments – Interim Assignments

Do you have too much work or need assistance for drafting of contracts, written pleadings or legal advice? We are ready to consider freelance assignments or interim assignments.


If you have portable business and at least 15 years of professional experience, preferably in compatible fields of law, and you are interested to discuss a cooperation feel free to get in touch with us.





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